Notre Dame de Bonne Fontaine

Les Vosges à pleins poumons

03 87 24 34 33



Through the Lorraine...


For three generations, the Knopf family unites all his skills to satisfy a loyal clientele from all over Europe.

A charming Logis de France to the warm, family hospitality.


Forest that surrounds our house offers long invigorating walks among birdsong .


You are here in the Moselle region , 4 km from Phalsburg , 8 km from Saverne , and 48 km from Strasbourg, in a small corner of Lorraine close to Alsace where tradition remains



57370 Danne et 4 vents  - Phalsbourg


Tél.: 03 87 24 34 33

Fax : 03 87 24 24 64





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Notre Dame de Bonne Fontaine









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3 générations ensemble, la passion et l’authenticité à votre service

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